In the past, Taiwan was the priority of OEM because of low-priced labor.  Huge orders make the labor-intensive industry, such like handbag, shoes, apparel, develop effective SOPs. 
Production line has different steps in order to mass production and delivery promptly. Workers do the same step, and only can do the same step, it becomes they only can make the part of product.  Employer of factory use pay by the piecework to squeeze on labor, and sale low-price to the foreign clients.
As the times change, China rises and develops,  cheaper labors replace Taiwanese labors. 
Consider of cost, some of Taiwanese factories move to China, some are close or run hardly.  Most Taiwanese labors are unemployed or forced to change their career, Taiwan traditional technology is getting lost.  The brilliant past was replaced by lower price products of china.
                                                                                                                                                                                                           to be continued..... 

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